The cities across the country have witnessed significant change over the past 10-15 years on the back of high GDP growth in the economy, infrastructure development and the evolution of the services sector in the country. Vadodara is one of those. Economy here is mainly based on  Fertilisers, Cotton textiles, Machine tools, Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, Biotechnology , Engineering, Tobacco, Fisheries, glass and Dairy. Agriculture also plays important role in the economy of Vadodara. Crops like Tobacco, Groundnut, wheat , Grams, Jowar, Oilseeds, and Sugarcane. Vadodara is leading producer of pulses, fruits and flowers in the state of Gujarat.

Located in Vadodara are over 35% India’s power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturers and an estimated 800 ancillaries supporting the big player in power sector manufacturing and enggneering industry.

Vadodara is also home to Vadodara Stock Exchange (VSE).