New District court Building has a facility of 76 fully furnished courts, 2 Video Courts, 1 Conference Hall, 1 Training Hall and Mediation Rooms. All the Court Rooms having separate chamber/ rooms for Judicial Officer, Staff Members and Stenographers. New District Court Building also have a facility of Mediation Center. There is a separate Central Filing of each establishment at different floor of the building. i.e. Central filing of J.M.F.C. Courts on Ground Floor, Central Filing Room for Appellate Courts On First Floor, Central Filing room for Civil Courts on Second Floor, Central Filing for Family Courts on third Floor and Small Cause Court Central Filing situated at Fourth Floor. All the Central Filing Section works for easy case filing , case inquiry and for Certified Copies.

There is a separate building constructed for Ld. Advocates in 9000 sq. feet, having 4 big hall which has a capacity of seating around 1000 to 1200 Ld. Advocates. Advocate wing has a facility of tables, chairs and lockers. Two separate Hall have been provided for Bar Library and there is a facility of Canteen for Ld. Advocates. Banking facility is also provided within new court building. There is a proper seating arrangements made for Litigants in the all Courts. i.e. Facility of Ramp and Wheel Chair for Physically handicapped Litigants, Facility of Steel benches in the corridor, Facility of Cooler and R.O. Plant for clean and cold water, Facility of 9 Ladies-Gents-Physically handicapped toilet blocks on each floor, Facility of Map with Barcode Scanner for the information of court rooms and Offices of District Court.  There are two separate entrance and Lift facility for Judicial Officers and 5 other different entrance all having 3 lifts for Litigants, Staff and Ld. Advocates, In total there are 17 Lifts in the New District Court Building.
There is a separate rooms available for Bank and Post Office Branch. In near future that will be functional and Court fee Stamps facility will be available for Litigants and Ld. Advocates. There is a facility of separate parking for Judicial Officers and there is a vast parking space available in front of Court Building for Staff Members, Ld. Advocates and Litigants.